Passing the PRINCE2® Foundation exam


This course is designed to show you how to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. We will provide guidance on exam strategy, revision notes specific to the exam, topic recap videos and sample exams.

This course includes the following topic areas:

  • Exam guidelines
  • Exam strategy
  • Revision notes
  • Topic recap videos
  • Sample exams





Frantically looking for exam resources that will guide you through passing  the PRINCE2® Foundation exam first time?

Here, we will provide you with all the PRINCE2® Foundation exam resources that you will need to pass the exam first time

Course content:

This course includes the following topic areas:

Exam guidelines

Here we will provide you with the relevant information relating to the PRINCE2® Foundation exam structure and format.

Exam strategy

Here we will provide you with strategy guidance on how to take the different styles of questions with the exam, along with time management guidance and specific advise if time is an issue for you when taking the exam.

Revision notes

In this section we have provided you with specific revision notes that provide you with the key exam wording that is used on a topic by topic basis. We have also provided these as audio files so that you can listen to them on your commute to work.

Topic recap videos

If you need to recap on any topics, we have provided recap videos for all the topics covered for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam

Sample exams

We have provided two complete sample exam papers that you can take online. You will be able to practice the example to ensure that you are comfortable that you will pass the exam before you take it for real