Strategy for passing the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner exam

Strategy for passing the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner exam

Strategy for passing the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner exam

Andy Blackwell
February 17, 2021

The PRINCE2® Agile exam paper is a very hard exam. It is therefore crucial that you have a good strategy when undertaking this paper. Luckily, having seen many of these exam papers, we have the perfect strategy to help you pass this exam the first time.

There is no getting away from this, the PRINCE2® Agile exam is a VERY tough exam paper. If I am honest, I think that it is a poor examination on the understanding of the topic. It seems to test your comprehension of the question more than your practical understanding of the methodology.

The format of the exam is a 50-question multiple-choice open book (meaning that you are allowed the manual) exam paper that is based on a project scenario. 44 of these questions are at comprehension levels 4 and 5, this means they are difficult multiple-choice questions. The pass mark for this exam paper is 60%, meaning you need to score 30 out of 50 to be awarded a pass.

I have spoken to a number of PRINCE2® and Agile trainers and consultants, who all struggled with the exam at first (and this includes me first time seeing the exam), not through knowledge, but the comprehension of the questions and answers provided.

The benefit you have though, is that we have formed a strategy that significantly puts the odds in your favour. The strategy that I am about to go over is one that I STRONGLY recommend you follow, no matter how much knowledge you feel that you have on the subject or even if you feel that you have memorised the manual.

The Strategy

Step 1 – Get the first 6 questions right

The first 6 questions in the exam paper are considerably easier than the other 44, these are very much seen and regarded as foundation style questions, you should therefore focus some practice on ensuring that you get 6 out of 6 (or at least 5 out of 6) regularly in the Sample exam(s) prior to taking the exam for real, this is very possible as most of the answers for these are in the Manual and normally in the first 6 chapters of it, in tables.

If you have tabbed your manual well, you should have most of these pages tabbed, and therefore easily accessible.

Step 2 – The remaining 44 – Narrow your answers down

For the remaining 44 questions, it is important that you put the odds of getting these right significantly in your favour.

You should do this by following these next 2 steps:

1.     Read the question carefully and simplify it, identify the key words to understand the area of the framework they are actually asking about.

2.     Cross off the 2 answers you believe are wrong first (You should be able to do this if you have attended a PRINCE2® Agile course) – You can do this by spotting the answers that contradict Agile philosophies or the PRINCE2® Principles.

If you can do this for those remaining 44 questions, even if you have to guess between the 2 answers you are left with, statistically that should give you about 22 marks.

So that’s 6 in the first 6 and 22 of the remaining 44, that makes 28 marks, not quite a pass yet, however, if you have taken the PRINCE2® Agile course and practiced on the sample exams, we are hoping that you will then be able to work out some of the answers once you have narrowed them down to 2, as opposed to all 44 being a 50/50 guess, this should push you into a strong pass position.

I employed this strategy to the letter and got 45/50 (90%) when I took the exam, It works!

This advice with regards to crossing off the 2 wrong answers you might feel is just basic multiple-choice strategy and you were told this when you attended your Foundation course. The difference here is that you systematically do this for EVERY QUESTION, NO MATTER HOW EASY YOU THINK THE QUESTION IS. In the Foundation exam, sometimes you just know the answer straight after reading the question, most of the time, people only apply this strategy some of the time or forget about it and manage to ‘get away with it’

You will NOT have the ‘get away with it’ opportunity in the PRINCE2® Agile exam as the answers are too close to make the difference between correct and incorrect obvious.

For more guidance on how to pass the PRINCE2® Agile practitioner exam, including how to practice and prepare for the above strategy, please take a look at our ‘Passing the PRINCE2 Agile practitioner exam’ resources that we have available at

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